How To Work With Tar Without Harming Yourself

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How To Work With Tar Without Harming Yourself

Tar is a natural and strong adhesive that has been used in various applications throughout history. Since technology has become more developed hot tar can now be handled with little to no risk to operators. First and foremost, a hot tar hose should be used to distribute tar after it has been heated. Additionally, personal protective gear should be worn whenever hot tar is going to be handled. Learn how to apply tar to your roof, boat, or anything else you need to be sealed and waterproofed, naturally:

Heating Up Tar Safely

Tar should always be heated in an outdoor area that is very well ventilated. You can use a vessel that's made of cast iron so that that tar doesn't stick or burn as it's heated. You'll also want to have your hot tar hose ready and placed nearby so that you can start to work on your project while the tar is at an optimal temperature. Though it won't cool instantly, the tar will get more difficult to pour and spread as it loses heat.

Spreading the Tar

You will want to get the hot tar applied quickly so that it can be spread smoothly and evenly. Use a spreading tool made of metal or wood rather than plastic (as plastic will melt as it comes in contact with hot tar). Use a hot tar hose to cover the entire surface and get into areas that you can't easily reach yourself.

Measures to Take While Working Around Hot Tar

Even after a hot tar hose is used to put tar on the item that you want to treat, you don't want your skin to come in contact with it because you could get a severe burn. The tar will harden as it cools so you will want to use a tool of some kind to test and see when it is safe to be handled with your bare hands. Some professionals use infrared thermometers to take the temperature of tar as it cures so that they can know when the coast is completely clear. 

Carefully work through each step and handle hot tar with care so that you get your project done without injury. Extremely hot tar can be poured directly into a hot tar hose and you won't ever need to come in direct contact with this potentially dangerous product. You'll be amazed at how safely and effectively you can work with hot tar once you get prepared and take time with each step.

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