Winter's Almost Here: 4 Reasons You Need To Have Your Grease Traps Cleaned

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Winter's Almost Here: 4 Reasons You Need To Have Your Grease Traps Cleaned

Winter will soon be making an appearance. Have you cleaned your grease trap yet? If you own a busy restaurant, you should have. You might not realize this, but your grease trap has a lot to do with the proper operation of your restaurant, regardless of its size. Unfortunately, grease traps are often the most overlooked, and under-appreciated piece of equipment in a restaurant. Here are just four of the many problems you can avoid by having your grease trap cleaned this winter:

Foul Odors in Your Restaurant

You might not know this, but a dirty grease trap can start emitting some pretty foul odors after a while. That's because used grease contains particles of the foods that were prepared in it. Over time, the foul grease odors will start backing up into your restaurant. When that happens, your patrons are going to be greeted by the scent of rotting food, and rancid grease. Unfortunately, that can destroy your business. Don't take chances with foul odors. Keep your restaurant smelling clean, and inviting, by keeping your grease trap clean, and well-maintained.

Greasy Messes in Your Kitchen

Your grease trap is only designed to hold a certain amount of grease. Once it's overloaded, the grease will start overflowing into your kitchen. Since the trap lids are located on the floor, your employees could find themselves slipping around in the old grease that's overflowing from your grease traps. If that happens, you could be facing quite a few workers compensation claims, not to mention a few safety violations. Don't risk your employee's safety or your reputation. Get your grease traps cleaned before they overflow into your kitchen.

Dangerous Grease Fires

If you haven't cleaned out your grease traps in a while, and your filters are clogged with old grease, you could be looking at an increased risk of grease fires in your restaurant kitchen. Unfortunately, that's a safety risk for you, your employees, and your patrons. When your grease trap is cleaned, you'll have the opportunity to clean the filter, and the fryer, which will reduce the risk of grease fires.

Rancid-Tasting Food for Your Patrons

When your fryer hasn't been cleaned in a while, and your grease trap is dirty, the quality of your food can suffer, especially your fried foods. The last thing you want to do is serve rancid-tasting food to your patrons. Make sure the food you serve meets your tough standards, as well as the standards of your patrons, by cleaning your grease trap, and your fryer before winter arrives.

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