Installing Metal Roofs? How To Stay Safe When Working With Roof Panel Machines

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Installing Metal Roofs? How To Stay Safe When Working With Roof Panel Machines

Starting a new job can be exciting. It can also be dangerous, especially if you'll be working with industrial equipment. Roofing can be like that. Whether you've worked as a roofer in the past, it's totally different once you begin installing metal roofs. The process of installing metal roofing begins with sheet metal, which can be hazardous to work with. If you'll be running a roof panel machine on your new job, you'll need to understand the safety procedures. Here are four simple safety tips that will protect you from injuries while using the metal roof panel machine:

Always Ensure Proper Training on the Equipment You'll Use

If you've never used a roof panel machine before, make sure you receive proper training before you begin your new job. If you don't understand something, be sure to ask for clarification before moving on to the next training section. It's better to spend extra time on one segment than to move on and suffer an injury later. It's also important that you ask questions while you're acclimating yourself to your job, and the equipment you're using. Each time you use machinery that you're unfamiliar with, be sure to receive proper training.

Never Work Without the Appropriate Safety Gear

Once you start working with your roof panel machine, you may see other members of the crew working without safety gear. For your protection, never work without the appropriate safety gear, which is goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and steel-toed boots. The other members of your crew may not be using heavy machinery or may have responsibilities that don't require safety gear.

Never Touch the Raw Edges of the Sheet Metal

Metal roof panels are constructed from sheet metal. Prior to being turned into those panels, the sheet metal will have raw edges, which are very sharp. To protect your hands, and prevent serious cuts, never grab the raw edges of the sheet metal. This is important to remember even if you're wearing heavy-duty gloves. The sharp edges of raw steel can cut right through work gloves.

Always Remember That Sheet Metal can be Slippery

When you're working with metal roofing panels, they may become wet, especially if you're working in the rain. Unfortunately, metal roofing panels can become extremely slick when they're wet, which means they can slip right out of your hands if you're not careful. When handling wet roof panels, grasp them firmly to prevent them from slipping through your fingers.

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