Having Air Compressor Pressure Problems? What To Do

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Having Air Compressor Pressure Problems? What To Do

If the air pressure is poor with your current air compressor and you aren't sure if it's going bad, or if you could easily fix it an save yourself the expense of having to replace it, there are a couple things that you'll want to consider. There are some easy ways for you to see if you can fix the unit on your own, before you take the plunge and invest in a new one. Try these different things and take these options into consideration when determining what you want to do.

Clogged Lines

If one of the airlines has gotten clogged, this could be the reason that pressure isn't good, and it could be causing problems with the internal mechanical parts as well. You can disconnect the lines and try to clean them out by running water through them, or even by trying to push air through them once they are detached.

Compressor Part Replacement

You may just need to replace a few of the parts on the air compressor to get it working again. If you think you can diagnose what the exact problem is, you'll want to call the compressor part replacement store, or find a retailer online, and then order the parts that you need. A local small machine service shop may also carry the parts, or be able to do the work for you.

Efficient New Options

It may be time to replace your air compressor with a new model that can give you more pressure, and that runs more efficiently. If you aren't able to repair or fix the unit that you have, look into newer options that have better features, and see if you can get one at an affordable cost. If so, consider selling the current one to make-up for the unexpected expense.

There are a lot of reasons why the air compressor may not be working, and sometimes just tuning up the internal components and all the parts can be enough to get it working as it needs to. If you don't want to spend the money on a new unit just yet, try to replace some of the plugs and the fan, and see if this helps make the unit work. A local mechanical shop may be able to help you diagnose the problem with the machine, if you aren't able to target what the exact problem is in your own. For more information, contact companies like Compressed Air Systems.

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