Three Tips For Selecting Casters For Your Office Chairs

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Three Tips For Selecting Casters For Your Office Chairs

People generally need to maneuver around their workspaces quickly and easily, so they typically prefer to purchase chairs with casters. Therefore, incorporating casters into your office chair design will be critical to making your product appealing to your customer base and increasing the chances they will buy from your company. Here are a few tips for selecting the right type of casters for your project.

Select for Maximum Weight

People come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to decide the maximum amount of weight the chair can accommodate and select casters based on that number. For instance, if a caster can hold up to 80 pounds, the maximum load for a chair with four of them would be 320 pounds. If someone who weighs 400 pounds sits in the chair, the casters will either break or wear out faster over time.

It's always best to err on the side of buying casters that exceed the maximum weight you require than to get ones that hit the number dead on. People don't always use office chairs as intended, and some don't even realize these chairs have a maximum weight rating. So opting for casters that exceed your maximum weight needs by a good amount ensures they can withstand most abuse your customers will heap on them.

Consider the Floor Conditions

Another thing you should factor into your decision is the type of flooring the chair will be rolling on. The most popular types of flooring in offices are carpeting, wood, tile, vinyl, and laminate. However, not all casters are appropriate for use on these materials. For instance, metal casters will likely scratch wood and shred vinyl. On the other hand, soft rubber casters won't damage carpet, but they also don't roll as smoothly over the material as most people would like.

To help with this issue, it's best to consider who your target market is and the type of flooring they're most likely to use the office chair on. For instance, a company for whom image is exceedingly important may have hardwood floors in their office. Nylon casters work best for this type flooring because the material is not very abrasive. However, people who work in factories who will be using the chair on cement floors may be better served with rubber or polyurethane casters that glide more readily over the material.

Account for Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures aren't a concern in most office spaces. Generally, people in these environments keep the temperature within a normal range. However, if you are creating office chairs for use in factories, manufacturing plants, or other areas where temperatures will consistently be on the extreme ends (hot or cold), then you need to select casters made from temperature-resistant materials. For instance, most common castors reach their temperature limit at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, high-temperature casters are made from heat-safe materials (e.g., bronze and thermoplastic rubber) and may also have a special coating that helps them resist melting in extremely hot environments.

It's important to also consider how much hassle your customers are willing go through to keep their chairs working properly. Some casters will function just fine from the moment you unpack them from the box and put them on your chairs. However, others may require your customers to lubricate them at regular intervals to ensure they remain operable. If you choose casters that require some intervention on your customers' part, be sure to make note of that in any marketing material and/or packaging so your customers know exactly what they're signing up for when they purchase the product.

For assistance with choosing the right casters for your office chairs or to place an order, contact an equipment company near you.

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