How To Effectively Maintain Mechanical Milling Equipment

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How To Effectively Maintain Mechanical Milling Equipment

Mechanical milling is a process that seeks to create metallic and ceramic powders, and involves a lot of technical machinery. These tools need to be maintained properly in order to yield optimal results. Here is how you can go about taking care of this highly specialized equipment.

Clean Up Regularly 

While you're working with milling machines, you often leave behind a messy work area. Not only does this look unprofessional, it could wear down your milling machinery prematurely. That's why you need to clean thoroughly after every mill job.

Using a soft microfiber towel, wipe down machines that you just used. This towel's fibers will effectively attract dirt and debris, and the soft construction prevents you from scratching any surfaces. Be sure to get in between gears and all surfaces surrounding your machinery. 

If you'd like to speed up this cleaning job, you can always use a portable air compressor. The pressurized air quickly removes dirt, debris, and other grim from your machines. 

Improve Ventilation

During the milling process, tiny particles of materials are spread throughout the air. Although they are microscopic and seem harmless, they can actually get into your machinery and clog up gears. Then, they're more prone to overheating and breaking down completely. 

You can avoid such a fate by working in a well ventilated area. Choose a work station where you can set up fans. They'll create enough air flow to suck up these particles, which are then screened out thanks to each fans' filter. The larger the fan you set up, the more effective it will be at sucking up material particles.

Store Unused Equipment

It's important to store your milling equipment in the right place for many reasons. For one, it will prevent dirt and other substances from covering integral parts and thus affecting their performance. It also creates a safer work environment in your building or shop, as there won't be as much equipment clutter.

Ideally, you want to store these machines in a temperature-controlled, isolated environment. If you can't find one nearby, you can always cover this equipment with protective tarps. They'll keep the equipment from experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as protect sensitive cords from damage. 

If you rely on your mechanical milling machines every day for clients, they need to be in working order at all times. You can ensure this is the case with your equipment if you follow the correct maintenance protocol before and after each milling project. 

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