Carry An LED Penlight While Transporting Goods In Your Truck

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Carry An LED Penlight While Transporting Goods In Your Truck

If you are a truck driver and are responsible for driving large loads of vegetables across the country and dropping them off at various locations, you likely encounter scenarios that require sufficient lighting so that you can inspect or count the products that are being picked up and delivered. An led penlight is a product that may make your life easier. Purchase a rechargeable LED penlight and use the tips below to assist you with your job duties.

Increase Lighting In The Cargo Area

If the trailer attached to your truck does not contain interior lighting, it can be difficult to spot damaged produce or count individual pieces that are part of a delivery. A penlight will help you avoid costly mistakes and will make the inspection and counting process a breeze.

A penlight is a lightweight tool that can be carried in your coat pocket or stored inside of a holster that is secured to a belt. When not in use, charge the penlight with a portable charger so that the light is readily available. 

During each pickup that is completed when it is dark outside, use the light to assist with reading labels that are secured to the outside of cartons that contain produce to ensure that the products match the invoices or packing slips that you have been supplied with. The penlight will also come in handy when it is time to drop off deliveries.

If the loading dock that is utilized as a drop off point is poorly lit, you can still see what you are doing and avoid dropping off the wrong items by quickly scanning the packages with the LED light. 

Assess Mechanical Problems And Service Your Vehicle

If you often drive for long stretches and have encountered minor mechanical problems that have resulted in you needing to pull off the road, it isn't always convenient to stop in the middle of nowhere, especially if you are unfamiliar with a specific road and there aren't any well-lit parking lots in the vicinity.

A penlight will prevent the need to continue driving down the road while your truck is malfunctioning. Simply, pull along the shoulder of the road and use the penlight to increase visibility under your vehicle's hood.

If your truck has overheated and coolant needs to be added to the radiator, use one hand to grip the penlight and the other one to pour the coolant into the radiator's reservoir. The light can also be used while refueling, checking the oil or transmission fluid, or filling the truck's tires with air. 

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