Preserving Gearboxes: Five Tips

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Preserving Gearboxes: Five Tips

Your gearboxes preserve machines by increasing their torque; your equipment doesn't have to always operate at high speeds because of the ways gearboxes are used in your industrial warehouse. However, preserving the boxes themselves can prove challenging unless you observe these gearbox recommendations.

Choose According to Load, Not Current Boxes

The primary problem caused when getting new boxes is that you aren't necessarily sure what's needed, especially if gearboxes were already in place in the facility before you arrived. Previous managers may have overworked the boxes, causing frequent malfunctions and problems. Therefore, rather than selecting gearboxes according to what's currently in place, consider the actual load being placed on them daily. Ask employees and shift supervisors about maximum possible loads and seek gearboxes which will comfortably handle those.

Keep Boxes Cool

Too much heat is terrible for every machine inside the warehouse, but because the gearboxes affect the output of other equipment, overheating is even more important to guard against. This is most regularly done by lubricating the boxes; lubrication prevents the kind of heat-related friction which can wear down the components of an entire box. You should also be sure that everyone can recognize overheating signals, like darker-than-usual oil. Investing in an infrared tool which can alert you to hotspots is smart, too.

Watch Gear Teeth

The internal "teeth" inside the box gears can often manifest wear before other components. However, in the midst of warehouse work, no one may be looking at whether they're cracked or corroded. Rather than waiting for the teeth to stop working before problems are noted, have people checking frequently.

Brush Breathers

Breathers, like gear teeth, need attention before ruining the effectiveness of an entire gearbox. Breathers ensure air flow and protect the interior of each box, so brush them as you notice they are collecting the dirt particles, lint, and dust which easily build up in warehouse conditions. In fact, making this task a scheduled one could ensure that it's done properly over time.

Read the Manual

Even if working with gearboxes for some time, there is still detailed information to be gotten from the gearboxes' manufacturer. Manuals should explain load limits, lubrication requirements and other things that will help the gearboxes function. 

Whether you select gearboxes from the Sumitomo Cyclo series or another reputable manufacturer, your team's maintenance actions are important. Read through materials from manufacturers and consult retailers and repair contractors for gearbox assistance.

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