3 Issues You May Encounter With Your Forklift

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3 Issues You May Encounter With Your Forklift

Whether you simply manage inventory at a local warehouse or you own your very own construction business, one of the pieces of equipment that you use the most often is likely a forklift. While a forklift is constructed for durability, over time and as a result of consistent use, this particular piece of machinery will fall victim to wear and tear. Over the life span of your forklift, here are a few problems that you may encounter. 

1. Old or Damaged Tires 

Like with your day-to-day vehicle, the rubber on your forklift tires will wear away. As this happens, the forklift operator will absorb more and more shock. Over time, the extended wear and tear will add excess strain on other parts of the machinery like the brakes and wheel bearings. To prevent long-term employee injuries and serious accidents, get in touch with a qualified mechanic who can replace the forklift tires, when there is less than one inch of tread left between the top and lettering on the side. Tires should also be replaced if they are torn or cracked.  

2. Depleted Fluids

Regardless of the type of heavy machinery that you are operating, it is crucial that proper hydraulic fluids are maintained for the machinery to operate at its fullest potential. If your forklift struggles to raise and/or lower the grinds or fork as it moves, it may be an indication that the fluid levels are low. If you check your fluids and find that they are topped off, your problem may be that you have a rusted or cracked chain that requires replacement. Talk to a forklift mechanic as soon as possible to have the replacement performed.  

3. Non-Responsive Starter 

If you notice that you are having difficulty with your equipment turning on and the battery is in proper working condition, then a mechanic will inspect the equipment for radiator blockages and low coolant levels. These problems may result in the overheating of the engine, which could lead to it turning off. Though these issues are common and can be easily diagnosed, such issues, like having a corroded radiator, may require a skilled professional to identify the issue and repair it. 

If you have noticed any of the aforementioned issues or any other mechanical problems with your forklift, it is important that you get in touch with a forklift service provider near you, for professional assistance to ensure that your forklift is in tip-top, operating condition. 

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