5 Factors That Impact The Type Of Boiler You Should Purchase

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5 Factors That Impact The Type Of Boiler You Should Purchase

When it comes to adding a boiler to your business operations, you want to get a machine that can meet your needs. You don't want to go too small, nor do you want to go with a boiler that is too large. You want a boiler that is just the right size and that has the right functions to allow you to effectively manage and run your operations.

Factor #1: Air Emission Requirements

If you are adding an industrial-sized boiler to your operations, you are more than likely going to be required to ensure that your boiler is meeting current air regulations.

That means you want to purchase a boiler that will meet not just current NOx air requirements but that also has the potential to meet future NOx air requirements as well. You want to invest in a boiler that will meet air emission requirements now and in the future so you can get more usage out of it.

Factor #2: Size of the Boiler

Second, boilers are usually not small pieces of equipment; they tend to take up space, but space is valuable. You are going to want to carefully consider how much space you have to install a boiler and work to find a boiler that will work with the overall footprint of your operations.

Factor #3: Ability to Maintain It

When selecting an industrial broiler, be sure to have your plant engineer analyze how easy it will be to take care of the boiler. They need to consider the location and ease of changing parts such as a down valve, feedwater inlet, burner, and tubes.

They need to take into consideration where the control panel is located and how the configuration of the boiler in your business will impact your ability to easily take care of maintenance and repairs. Some boiler configurations may work better for your particular needs in regards to maintenance.

Factor #4: Start-Up Times

With a boiler, you are going to want to find one that has reasonable start-up times that will allow you to get the boiler working to meet your needs in a reasonable amount of time. Remember to take into consideration that a larger boiler may need a little more time to start up but may also provide you with more steam for your operations. Also, keep in mind that the start-up time often mirrors the cool-down time for your boiler.

Factor #5: Balanced Efficiency

Finally, it would help if you considered the machine's efficiency in regards to how it is able to meet your needs. Efficiency defines how much energy the machine takes to operate.

When choosing a machine, you are going to want to select a machine that is efficient but can still provide you with the boiler pressure, firing rate, and feedwater temperature that you need. Don't compromise on necessary features in the name of efficiency.

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