Can You Reduce The Oil Mist In Your Shop?

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Can You Reduce The Oil Mist In Your Shop?

If you create a significant amount of oil mist in your machine shop, take care of it fast. Oil and other types of mists can damage air conditioning systems, air ducts, and electronic equipment over time. Mist can also damage your employees' lungs. Learn more about shop mist and how to reduce it below.

What's Mist and Where Does It Come From?

CNC machines can create a lot of oil mist during the day. Once the substance becomes airborne, it travels into different areas of your building and settles inside them, including your air ducts and electronics. Your cooling system may not filter and clean the air properly, and your equipment may not work well in the future. 

Mist can also be harmful to humans if they inhale it, especially mineral, oil and petroleum mists. The substances can settle inside your employees' lungs and wreak havoc on their respiratory systems. Some people may develop strange allergy systems when exposed to large amounts of mist.

If you take precautions now, you can reduce the mist particles in your shop.

How Do You Contain Oil Mist?

In order to contain the mist byproducts in your shop, you need to install a mist collection system. A mist collection system generally comes with special filters, exhaust pipes, and other features that separate, filter, and remove oil particles from your CNC machines. The components work together to keep the fluid inside your CNC machines clean and useable.

Some collection systems come with chip collection boxes and other auxiliary components as well. The boxes capture and house pieces of metal and other materials that may break off inside your machines. Chips can jam or damage your machinery over time.

The best way to install a mist collector in your shop is to attach or connect it directly to your CNC machines and other equipment. Manufacturers generally design their collection systems to fit all types of CNC machines. However, you can make some adjustments or retrofits to your CNC mist collecting machines to accommodate your mist collection system if needed. 

You want to contact a mist collection company directly for services. A company may need to know more about your shop, including how many machines you use in it. If you only use a few CNC machines to fabricate products, you may need to use individual collectors in your shop. If you operate a large shop or multiple large machines, you may need to install a central mist collection system in your building.

For more information about mist collection systems, contact a supplier.

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