Why Is Waterjet Cutting The Most Ideal Solution For Your Business?

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Why Is Waterjet Cutting The Most Ideal Solution For Your Business?

Does your business need a unique cutting solution that provides quality edges without requiring auxiliary finishing procedures? Have you considered using waterjet cutting? Waterjet cutting is a fast and accurate fabrication technique. It involves using various essential components, including a high-pressure water jet and carbide nozzle, to cut materials.

How Does a Waterjet Cutting Work?

Waterjet cutters function straightforwardly. First, a pump generates a water stream at extremely high pressures of up to 90,000 psi. Then, a minute jeweled orifice converts this ultra-high pressure into velocity. This process creates a tiny jet of water that can cut through soft materials. Afterward, garnet can be incorporated into the supersonic jet of water to increase cutting power. The combination of garnet and water leaves the nozzle as a cutting waterjet traveling up to 4 times faster than the speed of sound.

Types of Waterjet

Waterjets fall into two categories: pure and abrasive. If you need to cut soft materials such as disposable diapers, foams, carpets, insulation, or gaskets, pure waterjet is your go-to solution. Pure waterjet cutting is fast and generates zero heat. On the other hand, an abrasive waterjet is simply a pure waterjet with garnet abrasive. The abrasive is included to make pure waterjet powerful enough to cut tougher materials like steel, composite, and ceramic. Abrasive waterjet is versatile and causes minimum burr.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting offers your business several benefits, including:

Zero heat

Waterjets offer a quality cutting solution that generates no heat. That is critical for materials that can burn, crack, or melt if other alternatives that require heat are used. Furthermore, this technique also prevents thermal distortion from damaging heat-sensitive machine components.


You can use a waterjet to cut any material, including those with uneven surfaces like stone, glass, and rubber. That means, with this technique, you get to avoid wasting time switching between different cutting equipment as you deal with different materials.

Easy cutting of complex designs

When it comes to cutting complex designs and shapes, most traditional cutting alternatives are pretty inefficient. However, with waterjets, you get to cut any shape you desire with extreme precision.

Environmental friendliness

Waterjets don't emit gases that harm the environment. That is why this cutting technique is ideal for any organization that wants to go green. Furthermore, it facilitates maximum use of materials and reduces waste disposal expenses.

 Bottom Line

Your business stands to benefit immensely from waterjet cutting. That is more so the case if you handle low-tolerance, heat-sensitive materials. Use waterjet cutting services to enjoy the advantages outlined above and many more.

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