Tips To Install New Hydraulic Seals Properly In Order To Avoid Wasting Time Or Money

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Tips To Install New Hydraulic Seals Properly In Order To Avoid Wasting Time Or Money

If you have hydraulic cylinders or other hydraulic equipment in your warehouse or shop, you might make use of multiple hydraulic seals in order to keep things running properly. Seals can break down over time, though, and eventually, you might need to remove your old ones and install fresh seals for your current equipment. The installation of new hydraulic seals can be a delicate process and you'll want to make sure you do things the right way in order to avoid damaging the new seals and costing your company money or wasting your time. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind when installing new hydraulic seals for any of your equipment.

Clean the Seals and the Equipment Including Every Last Spec of Dust

Dust, lint, and any other substance that gets between the seal and the equipment is a disaster waiting to happen. You'll want to clear the area around the equipment prior to attempting installation and do a deep cleaning of any applicable areas. You should also keep any packaging on the seals themselves until you are ready to actually put the seals into place. Any speck of dust or lint or any other material that gets between the seal the equipment is at least one spot where the seal will not be working as well as it should. A dirty seal will simply not seal properly, and that will lead to issues when you start the machinery back up. Take your time and don't rush this process; be sure to maintain a clean installation environment at all times.

Be Extra Patient When Guiding the Seals Into Place

When positioning the seals over wherever they are supposed to go, patience is again key. Brushing a seal up against a sharp edge could damage it, and then it won't seal properly or you might even need to throw that seal away and start over.

Don't Forget to Lubricate Before You Are Done

Your hydraulic cylinders should always be well lubricated, but don't forget to put fresh lubrication when putting a new seal into place. This will allow the seal to avoid wear and tear and have a longer lifespan.

The Installation of Hydraulic Seals Might Be a Task Best Left to a Professional

Hydraulic seal installation is a delicate process that requires a clean environment and lots of patience. This might be a task best left to a local contractor or professional with experience in this area. Reach out to a hydraulic seals provider or expert today for more information.  

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