Keys To Effectively Using Orbital Welding Equipment

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Keys To Effectively Using Orbital Welding Equipment

There are a lot of great benefits of orbital welding, such as supporting areas with space restrictions and getting consistent bead results. In order to maximize these benefits though, you need to remember the following tips when using said welding equipment.

Clamp Tubes Into Position

Before you get ready to use an orbital welder around certain sections of tubing, it's important to secure them properly using clamps. What that does is keep the tube materials from moving while the orbital welder works around the pieces in a 360-degree manner.

You need as little movement as possible for the welding results to be precise and capable of holding up for a long time. Clamping isn't that difficult as long as you use the right materials and ensure you're not putting too much pressure on both tube ends. That could potentially deform the ends and interfere with the orbital welding results you're able to get.

Choose the Right Welding Gas

Another factor that will affect the results you achieve with an orbital welder is the gas that's selected. There are different types and combinations, including argon, helium, and carbon dioxide gas. In order to choose the right type and mixture, you have to consider the tube materials being welded.

Some materials take better to certain gas combinations. For instance, if you plan on welding tubing made out of steel, argon probably will be your best selection. You just need to know when certain gas varieties are appropriate for certain tubing materials.

Control Thermal Output

When you use an orbital welder around the tubing, these materials are going to heat up. This is known as thermal output, and it's something you want to control as to not damage tubing being fabricated for a particular project. 

This starts with putting your orbital welder on the right heat settings, depending on the thickness of your tubing and its material. You should also spend time getting used to your orbital welder's capabilities because then it will be easier to tell how it's performing, and thus how you can get a handle on thermal output. 

If you're welding materials like tubes, an orbital welder is an amazing resource that is actually pretty easy to use. You'll just want to keep an eye on a couple of important things before, during, and after your welding activities. This will keep you safe and ensure your tubing materials get treated correctly. Contact an orbital welding equipment supplier near you to learn more.

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