3 Questions To Ask Rubber Stopper Manufacturers

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3 Questions To Ask Rubber Stopper Manufacturers

If you need to add rubber stoppers to your products, then you have to source suitable products for the job. In some cases, you will be able to buy generic stoppers. However, some companies need to buy custom products.

To help you decide which route to take and which manufacturer to use, ask companies the following questions.

1. Do They Make Rubber Stoppers In The Right Size?

Rubber stoppers need to fit exactly. It doesn't matter what you need the stoppers for, they all need to sit firmly in their holes. If they don't, then they won't stay in place.

So, ask manufacturers about their generic stock sizes. Tell them the exact measurements of your holes. If you're lucky, you'll be working with standardized sizes, and you'll be able to buy generic products.

However, if the holes you need to stop are slightly bigger or smaller than the norm, then you might need to order custom-sized stoppers. This is also a likely scenario if your holes have an unusual shape. For example, if you need stoppers for a very shallow hole, then the depth of off-the-shelf products might be too big. These products might not go into your holes completely.

2. Do They Make Stoppers In The Right Materials?

Rubber stoppers might be exposed to a variety of substances. These substances might affect a stopper's materials.

If you're ordering stoppers for bottles that contain chemicals or gases, then you need to find a material that is suitable for close contact with these substances. For example, If a chemical will degrade or damage a stopper, then the stopper can't do its job.

So, tell manufacturers if your stoppers will come into contact with potentially difficult substances. If their stock products aren't suitable for your job, then they can help you choose the right material for a custom order.

3. Do They Make Stoppers In The Right Colors?

While color isn't an important factor in some rubber stopper orders, you might need to order a specific color for your products. You might want the stoppers to match the color of your product. Or, you might want them to match your company brand color.

You'll usually need to place a custom order if you want to order rubber stoppers in a specific color. These products tend to be black, gray, silver, or white when you buy off-the-shelf. So, check on your options here before you choose a supplier.

To get started, contact rubber parts manufacturing companies. 

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