Advantages Of Using Air Tools Over Electric Tools

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Advantages Of Using Air Tools Over Electric Tools

Using the right tools to perform different industrial tasks increases task completion speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Additionally, appropriate equipment prevents muscle injuries that may result from manual task operations. However, industrial equipment utilizes various power sources, mainly electricity and air. But, air-powered machinery is becoming more popular. These tools have a pneumatic motor attachment that pumps air into a tank which supplies compressed air at constant pressure. Examples of such devices include drills and riveting guns. Here are the pros of utilizing air tools over their electric counterparts.


Air equipment is cost-effective as its initial buying cost is usually lower than electric equipment. Also, industrial air tools have fewer moving parts. For instance, the equipment doesn't have an electric motor system. Therefore, the equipment has fewer maintenance and repair requirements. This reduces maintenance costs significantly.

Additionally, since air tools have fewer parts, they are less prone to damage than electric tools. This reduces the downtime you may experience in your company due to equipment breakdown. In return, your employees can finish their jobs faster, improving productivity. Moreover, air equipment encourages saving on energy costs since they don't consume electricity. 


Industrial electric tools may risk your safety, especially when using them in high-moisture environments. When current from an electric device you're holding comes into contact with moisture, the current may pass through your body, potentially causing an electric shock. Likewise, electric wiring may get exposed, increasing fire outbreak risks. Fortunately, you can use air tools around flammable materials or high-moisture areas without endangering your safety.


Air tools have air compressors, while electric ones use motors. Therefore, air-powered equipment is lighter as it doesn't have motor attachments that can be bulky. In this regard, you can utilize air equipment for more extended periods without getting fatigued. Besides, the tools are less bulky, providing a better grip. This way, you have better control of air equipment, ensuring efficiency and safety during operations.


Air tools get their power from compressed air, a flexible power source. For instance, you can store the air in cylinders and carry them wherever you go. This enables you to work in remote areas that lack electricity. Similarly, air equipment allows for high, moderate, and low power adjustments, giving you more control over the equipment. In return, you can use air devices for multiple applications.

Air tools are versatile, lightweight, safe, and affordable. Consider investing in industrial air equipment to enjoy these benefits.

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