3 Features To Look For When You Shop For New ANSI Pumps

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3 Features To Look For When You Shop For New ANSI Pumps

If your factory or machinery requires new pumps, then you want to ensure you choose the correct ANSI pumps with accurate parts and functions. When you shop through an ANSI pump manufacturer, you will have a wide range of options to choose from.

Check out some of the three main features to consider with ANSI pumps and how to make the most out of your pump purchase.

1. Temperature Thresholds

If your pumps use chemicals, heated liquids, or petroleum products, then you want to ensure the pumps can handle the high temperatures used to process and move those liquids through the machine. For every ANSI pump you look at, you can view the spec sheet to see the temperature thresholds. The thresholds will typically include the maximum temperature allowed.

If a pump passes the threshold use, then you may have to deal with malfunctions, errors, or broken equipment. Ensure the ANSI pumps include thresholds well higher than the maximum temperature you need so you never run into overheating issues. The new equipment has been tested numerous times to ensure the temperature remains accurate.

2. Horizontal & Vertical Settings

A horizontal and vertical pump system includes many different mechanics and processes to complete jobs. A vertical pump may work harder against gravity to pull liquids up or push liquids down. You cannot simply turn a pump in the opposite direction and expect the pump to work in the same way.

Look through descriptions and pictures of the pumps to determine what direction the pump sits in. The direction makes a big difference with installation as well. Check out the full measurements to see how much space a pump will take up in your machines to ensure proper compatibility.

3. Main Applications

Liquid pumps will often feature designs for specific applications. You do not want to purchase a pump and feel forced to complete actions the design was not made for. As you shop for pumps, read the technical description to see the main applications for a pump.

For example, one pump may be suited more for liquid nitrogen while another is more suited for waste acid recovery. With the main applications, you will have the most effective pump and can ensure your new product stays compatible with all of your equipment needs.

Shop around to look for each of the features. Once you've seen a wide range of ANSI pump products, you will know exactly what to look for in the future. For more information on ANSI pumps, contact a company near you.

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