Own An Auto Body Shop? 2 Reasons To Invest In An Automotive Dustless Blastless Machine

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Own An Auto Body Shop? 2 Reasons To Invest In An Automotive Dustless Blastless Machine

When you own an auto body shop your main business objective is to repair the vehicular damage that often occurs after an accident. You may do things such as pop out dents, replace bumpers, and realign frames. However, as much as these duties are part of the job, there is one task that is almost universal, regardless of what type of damage has taken place: repainting. Each time you have to put in a new door or some other aspect of the vehicle, it's important for the paint to be completely standardized so you don't end up with a patchwork look. If you're used to completing painting projects by hand and would like to learn more about a better way, here are a few reasons why your shop should consider investing in an automotive dustless blasting machine.

Save Time With Dustless Blasting

You are likely well aware of how time-consuming it can be to prepare a surface for painting. The uppermost layer of the car needs to be completely cleared of paint and rust so the new paint will adhere without warping. Grinding and sanding are the traditional methods used for this process, and although they do the trick, the job can be quite grueling. It can take a relatively long time to get the surface where you need it to be, and your hands and arms are forced to bear the load.

Dustless blasting is a revolutionary system that shaves the time it would usually take to formulate the exterior portion of the car down to a fraction of the normal speed. The machine uses a high-powered blast to quickly and easily strip away paint and contaminants. You'll not only give your physical body a break but could free up more space to take on additional clients and raise your profits.

Contain Dust With Dustless Blasting

The name of the piece of equipment says it all: dustless. Under normal conditions, you would generally have to strip paint outside because of the risks associated with scattering dust in an indoor environment. Dustless blasting machines remove this requirement because of the unique way that the unit contains dust. Your jobs can now be done without having to search for open outdoor space and this is also a great way to get more accomplished.

Adding an automotive dustless blasting machine to your arsenal can be a big boon for your business. Purchase your device today.

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