Granite Countertops—Great Installation Tips For The Kitchen

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Granite Countertops—Great Installation Tips For The Kitchen

Granite countertops are beautiful, stain-resistant, and easy to keep clean. If you ever decide to purchase some for the kitchen, be sure to follow these installation protocols to the letter. 

Work With a Stone Shop for Cutting

In order to fit granite countertops perfectly in the kitchen, you probably need to have them cut down to size. You can avoid a time-consuming and technical process if you just partner up with a stone shop from the very beginning. Since they work with granite materials a lot and have special cutting tools, it won't be hard at all for them to cut granite countertops according to dimensions that work best for your kitchen's layout. Just make sure you express the dimensions you want the stone shop to comply with so that you don't struggle to get new countertops set up in the kitchen at any point.  

Use a Template to Refine Countertop Dimensions

The size of your granite countertops is something you want to dial in early on, and you can if you just use a template to represent how big the countertops will be in your actual kitchen. You can use cheap materials for the template, such as plywood and cardboard even. After you cut them to the size you want your granite countertops to be, you can place them in the kitchen and then see exactly how they look and the amount of space they take up. At this time, you can make adjustments or verify your dimensions are perfect.

Make Sure Cabinet Bases Are Even

The cabinet bases in the kitchen are what you'll use to support granite countertops and anchor them in. As such, make sure they are as even as possible. The granite countertops will then be set up like they're supposed to and look great from all angles. You can use a basic level tool and check the evenness of your cabinet bases. If any area is too high or too low, adjust them before placing the granite countertops down and securing them into place with sealant.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with new granite countertops, it's important to maximize them as much as you can with an optimal installation. Even if you've never performed a renovation like this before, you can succeed if you use the right tools and verify the countertops are the correct size before they're ever placed in the kitchen.

Contact a local granite service, such as Marble & Granite Creations, to learn more. 

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